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We offer a range of framing options here at the shop as well as a virtually unlimited number of special order mouldings. Since framing is an inherently custom process, stop by with your artwork for a quote.

Inkjet Printing (Giclee)

 Archival inkjet printing, also known as giclée, has become the standard for photographic fine art printing and art reproduction alike. With an enormous selection of ink receptive substrates, the possibilities are endless, allowing artists to take their work exactly where they want it to go. Here at Color Space, we stock many high quality rag […]

Digital Imaging and Production Lab

  Our shop in Minneapolis includes a full service digital imaging and production lab. Whether restoring, retouching, or preparing a file for print output, digital imaging is the process of manipulating, color correcting, and or compositing a digital file. Services from our digital imaging lab include restoration of damaged prints, color matching for reproducing artwork, compositing, […]


Back to Services Read a bit about various scanning processes on our blog! When flat images need to be reproduced, high resolution scanning yields unmatched results. Whether for reproductions of artwork, or scans of old photographic prints, scanning is the first step in making a high quality digital image. See some examples of our scanning […]

Mounting and Laminating

Large format mounting and laminating opens up all kinds of new possibilities for the display of  fine artwork. Mounting to a substrate provides a flat, smooth and rigid surface. This is beneficial when framing larger pieces, as it prevents rippling or sagging.  As frame-less images become more popular, artists are using this technology to expand […]